Brief for the site development

This brief will help us prepare for work to make it the best for you. From how clearly and exhaustively you answer the questions depends on how quickly we begin to speak the same language in order to solve the tasks as quickly and efficiently as possible. We guarantee you full confidentiality of the information provided to us.

General information about the project
What does your company do. What services and products do you offer?
Which tasks your site should solve?
What is the current or prospective URL of the site?
Specify the desired time. How long do you plan to develop?
The question is relevant if there is a specific date when the site should be launched.
Please provide an approximate budget. Do you have tight budget constraints?
The same tasks can be solved in different ways, and this greatly depends on the time for development and budget.
Even if the budget is limited, we will try to offer to you effective solutions for your goals.
Does the company have a mission statement, goals?
Write about your customers. How do they appreciate you? What are their needs? Features of behavior?
How do you sell your services or products to your customers? Describe the sale process, what do you focus on?
What are the advantages over competitors?
Who are your competitors? Write website addresses and company names.
Information about the site
Which information about you and about your products or services should be on the site?
It is information and not a structure.
How and how much should products or services on your website be described? For example infographics or text? Give examples that you like.
What should the site visitor complete eventually?
What action should a visitor of the site make to you to believe that everything went well: write a letter, buy something through the site, call, send an application, etc. There may be many options for action, choose 2-3 most preferred.
Please provide links to sites that you like?
Information about site design
If you have any requests for fonts, list them.
What colors would you like to use in site design?
Should the site be adaptive?
Resposive site created with flexible technologies: movable structure, adaptive images and the possibility of using specific device functions. It covers all your target audience, send the main message of the site to the users of any devices on the Internet and solves business problems with the same efficiency both on 30–Inch monitors and ordinary PCs, tablet screens or communicators. Development of an adaptive site or adaptation of the existing one, increases the cost of the project.
Desired style of website design
Additional wishes for design
Additional services
Often to create a good product, you need something else, not just a website. Companies often come to us, who first need to develop a logo and corporate identity. New sites that are launched needs content support and the subsequent promotion in the network.
Need to develop a logo or corporate identity?
For this service we have a separate brief, which we will send if necessary. For now, just indicate what you would like to order.
Is it necessary to promote the site in search engines (SEO) and / or contextual advertising?
Describe, what do you want to achieve eventually? Or just write "Yes", and we will send you a brief on the work related to the promotion.
You can specify the alleged key phrases.
Do you need long-term technical support of the site?
We can take care of all the work associated with refinement and updating of the site and adding any information to it.
Describe what kind of work you would like to transfer to support.
It is necessary to write unique texts, reviews or prepare posts in social networks for the site?
If you need our assistance in matters related to the content, describe what it might be.
Do we need to design a mobile version of the site?
This may be a separate version of the site that differs from the adaptive version.
Information about the company
Company Name and Address
The contact person
(495) 133-05-89 STUDIO@GOLDCARROT.RU