Gold Carrot

About us

Our story began with a small apartment in Surgut. Gradually, we grew up, moved to Moscow in a large office and gathered a staff of 28 people. Now we are a digital-production agency with an impressive list of projects that we have managed to implement.

For 8 years we have been helping to create brands that users like. Most of our clients become regular ones, because quality and an environmentally friendly approach to work on projects are important to us.

We know everything about digital - how to attract and engage an audience, create a memorable company style, develop sites, make CRM systems and integrations with third-party services.

We do not use most of the usual services for creating IT products - we write the code by hand, because only quality, only hardcore.

  • 8 years experience in the digital
  • 350 completed projects
  • 400 satisfied clients


In the rating of Web studios
in Surgut, 2020

WEEEK - project management system
Startup website
Golden site 2021
Best FMCG Brand Website
Dампл’S promo site
Tagline awards 2019

We are trusted

our team our team our team our team
Ivan Marakhovka
Ivan Marakhovka Executive Director
Alexander Nikiforov
Alexander Nikiforov Chief Operating Officer
Yulia Rummel
Yulia Rummel Commercial Director
Yamil Mukhametshin
Yamil Mukhametshin CTO
Ilya Volk-Levanovich
Ilya Volk-Levanovich Designer
Artem Kudryashev
Artem Kudryashev Designer
Vladislav Serov
Vladislav Serov Frontend developer
Ikrom Ergashev
Ikrom Ergashev Manager of internal projects
Ruslan Sardarov
Ruslan Sardarov Designer
Batyr Bulyakanov
Batyr Bulyakanov Backend Developer
Timur Muntean
Timur Muntean Frontend developer
Anastasia Fomina
Anastasia Fomina Frontend developer
Maria Katysheva
Maria Katysheva Manager of internal projects
Alexander Gvay
Alexander Gvay Backend Developer
Sergey Tyrgola
Sergey Tyrgola Backend Developer
Ylya Gorin
Ylya Gorin Backend Developer
Lis Malceva
Lis Malceva
Amal Khalluf
Amal Khalluf Frontend developer
Artur  Kudashev
Artur Kudashev Frontend developer
Oksana Visotskaya
Oksana Visotskaya Designer
Nikita Rodionov
Nikita Rodionov Frontend developer


Sometimes we need great specialists in our large and friendly team. If you want to work on several interesting projects and tasks, then read the vacancies and send your resume. We will definitely consider it.

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